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Graphic Design Class

Class Syllabus

Homework Articles: Click for Options for Homework

How to be Creative Article

What is Graphic Design?

How to Design for Men and Women

What Makes a Good Logo & How to Design a Logo Articles

Branding, Identity, and Logo Design Explained

Designing a Business Card Article

The Dos and Don'ts of Color

How to Choose a Font & 15 Tips to Choose a Good Text Type

Symbols: The Alphabet of Human Thought

Guide to Web Typography


Desktop Publishing:

Introduction to Desktop Publishing Notes

Issues of Design Notes

Desktop Publishing Study Guide

Photoscape Project

Pics to Edit

Photo Editing Examples

Handglove Take Home Quiz


Elements of Good Design

Elements of Good Design Notes

Good Design Images for Notes

     Click above to copy and paste the images into

     your notes

Elements of Good Design Study Guide

Optical Illusions

Designing 10 Logos Project


     The Basics of Good Logo Design

     10 Trends that will define logo design

     Logo Design Evolution

     Logo Morph

Designing a Business Card Project

Business Card Examples

Cool Business Card Designs


Psychology of Color

Psychology of Color Notes

Psychology of Color Study Guide

Color Wheel and Schemes Worksheet

Color Scheme PowerPoint Project

Color Scheme Game

Color Theory Explained Video

Designing a Color Document Project



Typography Power Point Notes

Typography Study Guide

History of Type PowerPoint Notes

Anatomy of Type Worksheet

Typography Vocab Magic Squares WS


Good and Bad Websites:

Go online and surf around, starting looking at websites. You need to find 2 Good Websites and 2 BAD Websites. Don't just pick the first 4 sites you go to. In a Word Document answer the following questions. You will present these websites to the class and explain your choices:

  1. Describe the Good or Bad elements that led you to choose this site.
  2. If Good, what makes you like this site, what about it appeals to you?
  3. If Bad, what makes you NOT like this site, what elements of design does it break or not follow at all?
  4. How long did it take you to make a decision about this site? Why?
  5. Name the elements of design that are included in each site, for the bad sites, name the elements that they are blatantly breaking.


Layout and Design by Hand:

You will use construction paper, scissors, glue, pens, pencils, sharpies, etc...to create a poster layout for an event that is coming up. You WILL NOT use the computer to create this at all, not even for inspiration!


  • You must "doodle" your design out first.
  • You must include a minimum of 2 colors (not including black and white)
  • You must include a minimum of 10 words.
  • You must use 4 types of element of design (i.e. value contrast, repetition rhythm, etc...) and be able to identify them
  • You must have a center of interest
  • No images that you did not create yourself
  • You text must be neat, legible, and readable.
  • After you have finished you will have a series of questions to answer. You will get these from Ms. Scales when finished.

Post Questions WS


Web Design:

History of the Internet and WWW PowerPoint Notes

Web Design Terms and Concepts

9 Essential Principals of Good Web Design PP

History of the Internet Study Guide

Issues of Web Design PowerPoint Notes

Website Partners Project

FrontPage Classwork: (download all of the following into a new folder on your desktop Named: FrontPage Classwork)

FrontPage Classwork Instructions

Salem Image

Grave Image

SalemWitchTrial Image

WitchcraftinSalem Word Doc


Homework Article Summary 6 Options:

1. Write a 2 paragraph summary of what you read (5 complete sentences in each), typed, 12 point font, times new roman, and double spaced.

2. Create a PowerPoint describing in bullets the information from the article. Must be a minimum of 5 slides, not including the title slide.

3. Write a quiz about the article. Write the questions and answers. If short answer, 8 questions that have at least a 2 sentence answer OR a multiple choice quiz with 15 or more question. Make sure you write well thought out questions that incorporate all the information from the article. Must be typed, 12 point font, times new roman, and double spaced.

4. Create a Mind Mapping/Brainstorm Web about the topics and ideas in the article you read. Make sure you hit all the key ideas and elaborate on each point.

     Brainstorming Web Websites:




5. You may create a Prezi


6. Give an Oral Presentation describing the article in dept for 4 to 6 minutes 


Emergency Sub Articles:

Graphic Design Careers

Elements of Design Review

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