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Lottery Application will open January 16th at 8 am and end on February 16th at 3pm.

Lottery will take place on March 1st at 9 am in the Eagle Hall.
New Registration begins online at 3pm on March 1st.
Open House:
Elementary 1/29 at 6:30pm
Middle Academy 1/29 at 6:30pm
High School 1/29 at 6:30pm
** Meet in the gym first
Day Tours:
1/30 at 9am in Eagle Hall
2/1 at 9am in Eagle Hall
2/7 at 9am in Eagle Hall
Sign up here
Kindergartner Assessment:
5/11 from 1-4pm

Admissions Information 


We will have campus tours for accepted students only on March 29th and April 5th at 9:00 am.


EWA Admissions
(revised July 28, 2017)

Thank you for your interest in East Wake Academy, a tuition free public charter school for North Carolina residents. As an Admissions Office, we understand the importance and significance of deciding where your student will attend school. Whether you are a first time parent trying to decide on a Kindergarten for your child, a family seeking to enroll multiple children in our school, local or relocating, we are here to help you through the Admissions process if you choose to apply to East Wake Academy.

Important Dates:

November 13 - December 14th - Re-enrollment.  Re-enrollment cut off date is December 14, 2017 at 12pm.

January 16th - February 16th – Web address for online submission available for new applicants only. (Visit the East Wake Academy Website: www.eastwakeacademy.org for access).

March 1, 2018 - Lottery Day 9am in the Eagle Hall (Lottery will be completed electronically through the online admissions system).  New registration begins online at 3pm and ends April 13, 2018 at 3pm.

Enrollment Information for East Wake Academy:

-  Re-enrollment runs from November 13 to December 14 for all returning students.

-  New lottery applications will be accepted from January 16 - February 16.  All applications must be submitted through Powerschool.

-  General admission into East Wake Academy is determined by an annual blind lottery which is held in March of each year.

-  Siblings of current students at EWA receive enrollment priority (The revised law defines “siblings” as: “any of the following who reside and domicile in the same household: half siblings, stepsiblings and children residing in a family foster home.”)  We define reside as domicile, which means permanent residence.

-  To be eligible for kindergarten admission, students must be 5 years old prior to August 31st of the enrollment year (G.S. 115C-364).

-  Please be advised that our curriculum uses the North Carolina Standard Course of Study: now Common Core State Standards and North Carolina Essential Standards.

-  Parents/guardians of children that have legal residence in the State of North Carolina and live in any county within the state may apply for their child to be admitted into the East Wake Academy.

-  Parents who elect to have their child attend East Wake Academy must provide daily transportation to and from school (transportation cannot be a barrier to attending)

-  Open House Sessions will be provided during the New Enrollment period to allow parents/guardians time to ask questions and to visit the school.

-  We are based on a lottery system, not on a first come, first serve basis.

-  Parents may complete all application materials by using the online application/enrollment site link located on the EWA webpage (www.eastwakeacademy.org).

General Admissions Process:

In accordance with North Carolina State Law, East Wake Academy provides admission policies that allow all children the chance to gain admission.

Admission to East Wake Academy Charter School is determined by our annual lottery.

In accordance with North Carolina charter admissions statutes (G.S 115C-238.29G), priority is given to the following groups in the order listed: children of the school’s full time employees; and children who have siblings currently enrolled at EWA. (The revised law defines “siblings” as: “any of the following who reside and domicile in the same household: half siblings, stepsiblings and children residing in a family foster home.”)  We define reside as domicile, which means permanent residence.

Necessary forms for admission must be submitted for each child with a different birth date, and/or different first name on the day of the deadline in order to be included in the lottery.

Applications submitted after the deadline will not be included as a part of our lottery.

Communication offering placement spots will be sent via email or text, depending on information provided by the parent during the application process. This will occur on the day of the lottery. Those not selected through electronic lottery will be placed on the EWA waiting list. Notification of waiting list placement will be sent after the lottery on March 1st.

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