Senior Academy News 5/6/2020

Senior Academy Announcements

May 6, 2020

Good Morning Senior Academy Families!


Students Stay updated:

EWA will be moving our Peru 2020 trip to Summer 2021 and England to 2022. If anyone is interested in registering for either trip, registration is open now for both. Please reach out to Sr. Shafer for more information. Thank you!


EWA News:

Birthdays in the Month of May:

·         Mrs. Wade - May 3rd

·         Mrs Broadwell - May 24th


May 7: Booster Cookie Dough Pick Up – HS parking lot (MUST sign up on signup genius)!/showSignUp/10c0d4ba4ac29a1f85-candyman


May 8: Flex Day - your teachers will decide the best use of this day (planning and/or make up day for student work) – your teachers will reach out with more information.


·         COVID has added a new twist to celebrating our AWESOME teachers, but it will not keep us from celebrating them! The Admin and Board and PAL have gotten creative and will also be celebrating.

·         Again, we do not want to add stress to you but know that so many of you have already reached out asking, so we wanted to share how you could still celebrate your teachers. 

School Office Hours – Our school buildings are closed for students and the public, but school is still operating.  The main office will be manned Tuesday – Thursday from 9:00 – noon.  The best way to contact the school or admin is by email. We are also working in the building and remotely all week!

APP and Website – If you have not downloaded the school APP, please do.  The APP is EWA in the palm of your hand.  Live Feed and News links are two great resources.  Take a look at all the messages from our teachers!  Also, from the staff list, you can email the teacher directly.

Counselor’s Corner: - Notes from Mrs. Naftel…

Hello students and parents! 

As we finished our 4th week of virtual learning I want to congratulate you all on your hard work ! This is not easy and you are adapting on a daily basis to so many changes. It has been wonderful interacting with students and helping them adjust their schedules.  I am so thankful we have this time to make preparations for 2020-2021 so our return to EWA can be as smooth as possible.  


I am reaching out today to offer "Counselor Cafe" drop in zoom meetings.  Students will have the opportunity to join my weekly zoom meeting on Fridays (next 5/8) from 11:30-1pm where they can interact with peers, ask questions, and stay connected.  I truly want this to be student driven so students can have an outlet to share their voice and ideas. 

zoom ID : 898-3538-2218            password:EWAeagles

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Student Support Team Newsletter:

“The great teacher is not the person who supplies the most facts, but the one in whose presence we become different people.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson