Board of Directors

East Wake First Charter

Board of Directors

Tom WilliamsTreasurertom.williams@eastwakeacademy.org
John BroadfootChairjbroadfoot@eastwakeacademy.org
Heather CollierBoard Memberhcollier@eastwakeacademy.org
Joseph TarltonBoard Memberjtarlton@eastwakeacademy.org
Jamie LandrumVice-Chairjlandrum@eastwakeacademy.org
Stephanie HallSecretarystephanie.hall@eastwakeacademy.org
Wayne DupreeBoard Memberwdupree@eastwakeacademy.org

The East Wake Academy Board meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm, at the school campus. (This is subject to change, but will be announced 24 hours before the Board meets.)

All correspondence should be addressed to:

EWA Board of Directors

PO Box 339

Zebulon, NC  27597