Art Club

The Art Club is a group of students who enjoy making art and desire to use their artistic talents to benefit others. Students create artwork to display in the school and our community as well same examples of this are letters to our soldiers, nursing home outreach and possible campus mural. Art Club members also help with the annual spring event, "Inspire", an arts and language expo that showcases each area of the arts offered at EWA. Be ready to create!

Advisor: Ms. Bekah Wade
Meeting Time: 2nd and 4th Tuesday during lunch
Location: Ms. Bekah Wade’s Art Room


Book Club

Book Club is a place where readers can come together to discuss common texts; where students can delve into great stories and talk about the healing power of words while traveling through time and space to seek out truth and beauty through written language.

Advisor: Mrs. Jill Massey and Mrs. Dena Coward
Meeting Time: Every 3rd Tuesday at lunch
Location: Room 211 (Mrs. J. Massey’s room)


Debate Club

Why should you join the debate club? Debate club teaches members how to research, articulate arguments, and clarify ideas. Individuals actively engaging in debate club activities are often more prepared to speak clearly during interviews, demonstrate a professional presence, and clearly explain ideas and abilities.  This is our first year; come and help us build the strong foundations for this club.  

Advisor: Ms. Maria McFadden
Meeting Time: First meeting 8/23/22
Location: McFadden’s class room 214


Diversity/Feminist Club

The aim of Diversity Club is to bring together students of different backgrounds. The club will provide an intentional space for building bridges to connect students across their differences. We will focus on helping students become more open to and less threatened by difference. The club will also help students become more compassionate, able to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds and sidestep any stereotypes they might have.

Advisor: Ms. Jennifer Barkley
Meeting Time: 1st and 3rd Monday
Location: Baker Center


First Priority

The vision of First Priority is to offer the hope of Christ in every student, with the mission to uplift the school with the gospel. First Priority exists to disciple students and offer all students a fun and welcoming place to learn more about Jesus.

Advisor: Mrs. Bethany Broadwell
Meeting Time: Each Thursday @ lunch
Location: Baker Center


Future Business Leaders of America

North Carolina Future Business Leaders of America (NC FBLA) is a career and technical student organization that serves students who are or have been enrolled in a Business Education course. NC FBLA is affiliated with FBLA-PBL, which is a national organization with 250,000 student members and 56 affiliate state organizations.

The mission of NC FBLA is to help build and sustain Business Education programs of excellence in order to serve our communities, state, and nation. NC FBLA is an integral part of North Carolina's Business Education Program, which serves over 280,000 students. It provides students with leadership opportunities as well as a means to compete with other students in regional, state, and national conferences.

Advisor: Ms.Warren
Meeting Time: 1st and 3rd Friday (Lunch~11:20)
Location: Warren’s Room
National Website:
State Website:


Gaming Club

Gaming Club focuses on the shared interest of students in playing board and video games.

Advisor: Mr. Harrington
Meeting Time: Mondays and Thursdays @ Lunch in Mr. Harrington's room and Thursdays afterschool from 3:45-5:30 in Mr. Harrington's room. Students are responsible for having transportation arranged to pick them up at 5:30
Location: Mr. Harrington's classroom


Spanish Club

Spanish Club is an all-inclusive club that seeks to bridge the gap between the School Community and Spanish Community. In our club, we strive to create opportunities to raise funds and resources for the Spanish community through various projects. Examples of past projects include our annual Pulsera Sell and participation in Inspire where we raise funds to create farmland in Nicaragua. We also periodically have cultural awareness events such as movie nights and Day of the Dead celebrations.

Advisors: Mr. Clyde Shafer and Ms. Liyan Khan
Meeting Time: 2nd and 4th Wednesday during lunch
Location: Mr. Clyde Shafer’s classroom


Theatre Club

Theatre Club is a place where students can come together to plan and execute dramatic productions for East Wake Academy. They will learn the art of working together to create a production of which they can be proud, honing skills such as planning, memorization, and teamwork.


Advisor: Mrs. Jill Massey 

Meeting Time: varies depending on production

Location: Room 211 (Mrs. J. Massey’s room)


Elected/Chosen Organizations

Student Government Association (SGA)~

East Wake Academy’s High School Student Council is a member of the National Association of Student Councils. Student Council maintains an open membership policy in which any high school student is eligible. Council members can run for an Executive Council position such as Student Body President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and grade level president. Student Council provides an effective means for developing student participation in school activities and governance.

Advisor:  Mr. Raynor
Meeting Time: Every other Wednesday after school.
Location: Mr. Raynor’s Room


National Honor Society (NHS)~

National Honor Society is a service organization for scholarly students who show excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. They must maintain an unweighted GPA of 3.75 during membership. They are also required to participate in a certain number of hours of service.

Advisor: Ms. Nettles
Meeting Time: Twice a month (Lunch)
Location: Ms. Nettles’ classroom