teacher appreciation week

As we promised, we wanted to share a few details about Teacher Appreciation Week. COVID has complicated and altered many aspects of our "normal life" for the last few weeks, and Teacher Appreciation Week is no different. While we do not want to add another thing onto your list of things to do, we do know that many of you have already reached out and wanted to see how you could still celebrate your teachers. Below are a few ways we can help you and even a couple of suggestions for those still looking for ideas. 

1- For those that are planners and have already purchased gifts for teachers- we will have a drop off box in the front of the K-4 building on Monday and Tuesday from 9 am-1 pm. If you will make sure it is clearly labeled with the teacher's name and grade level. We will sort them and make arrangements to get them to the teacher. There will be a staff member monitoring the box to make sure items are secure. 

2- We will also have prompts for social media posts and emails daily. As much as teachers enjoy gifts, they want to hear from their students. We will encourage you to comment on our daily Facebook post, tweet, or email the teacher directly with a message or short video. Now more than ever, they need to hear how much they mean to us! 

3- If you are still looking for ideas to get a gift to your teachers here are a few suggestions:

* E-gift cards(virtual gift cards)- several retail merchants/restaurants are offering this option. You can purchase a gift card and email it directly to your teacher. 

* We are still receiving mail at school, so if you purchase something you can have it shipped to school with the teacher's name, we will make sure they get it.

* We have also asked staff to create updated Amazon Wish Lists. Those that have shared their list are on our website under the parent section. Keep checking back as new teachers share their lists they will be added as well.

Again, COVID has added a new twist to celebrating our AWESOME teachers, but it will not keep us from celebrating them! The Admin and Board and PAL have gotten creative and will also be celebrating. Again, we do not want to add stress to you but know that so many of you have already reached out asking, so we wanted to share. 

PS- Parents be on the lookout for special social media posts for you on Monday. Our teachers know that this is not an easy adjustment for you either. We are all truly in this together!