East Wake Academy’s Mission

East Wake Academy develops character and self-esteem while equipping students with the skills needed to thrive in a college preparatory atmosphere and experience academic excellence through rigorous curriculum options. We are dedicated to instilling the values of academic citizenship by creating relationships with parents, businesses, and civic partners. East Wake Academy is committed to building a strong foundation of learning while providing our students the competitive edge to win in tomorrow’s world.

East Wake Academy’s Vision

East Wake Academy provides a quality education for each student. We challenge our students to develop critical thinking skills, communication skills, and creativity. Administrators, teachers, students, parents, and other community members must work together to support students as lifelong learners.  To achieve the School’s mission, East Wake Academy is guided by the following beliefs:

  • Every child is capable of learning.

  • Our staff is our greatest asset and the foundation of our success.

  • Each member of our staff is responsible and accountable for excellence in providing quality learning for our students.

  • The allotted minutes of our school’s instructional day must be protected for academic learning.

  • With the support of teachers, parents, and community members our students will reach their highest potential. 

With everyone’s cooperation, East Wake Academy will be a thriving community where students succeed in a safe, supportive, and stimulating educational environment. 

Parent-Student Commitment and Expectations

East Wake Academy cannot succeed in its mission without commitment and effort from the parents/legal guardians who enroll their children. A strong partnership between Parents and East Wake Academy is essential.

Parents and families support East Wake Academy’s mission and fulfill their primary role as teachers of their children when they respect and support the efforts and staff of East Wake Academy, promote the desire for and pursuit of learning, and model ethical and relational integrity.

Respect for and support of East Wake Academy’s mission includes the following commitments on the part of every Parent:

  • To monitor and support East Wake Academy policies and procedures;

  • To insure prompt arrival to school and to promote their students' daily attendance to the maximum extent feasible;

  • To nourish their students' physical and emotional health to promote learning;

  • To help their students’ complete assignments and other academic demands and to communicate with staff as necessary to address particular needs;

  • To be willing to volunteer (minimum of 4 hours/month) and financially support East Wake Academy’s work as feasible;

  • To replace, repair, or pay for books or other school property that his/her child loses or damages;

  • To cooperate with East Wake Academy staff in providing needed information or other support when reasonably requested; and

  • To participate responsibly in classroom and school meetings and functions.

The student is also expected to demonstrate respect for and support of the East Wake Academy’s mission through:

  • Maintaining a level of academic performance and behavioral conduct that meets East Wake Academy standards;

  • Properly dressing according to the required dress code as established by East Wake Academy and found in individual house handbooks;

  • Attending classes and being punctual every day and when in good health;

  • Observing all other established rules and policies as dictated in this policy manual;

  • Entering the school with the expectation of doing better than he/she has done before and improving any behavior or attitude weakness that may prevent him/her from learning.