EWA News

We just wanted to reach out and give just a short update. We are so proud of our staff and what they are doing to shift us to eLearning. The thought and care our staff is investing in your children's education plan is just so inspiring. We all need to keep this transition in perspective. This is not homeschooling, but crisis schooling or what we are calling CoronaED. Families across America are living this new temporary normal and we need to maintain that understanding. This will be for a finite time period!

 As we move forward, you need to remember that you, our teachers and students will get frustrated at some point. Everyone will need a break and walk away for a few minutes and then try again. What we learn moving forward will make us all better teachers, better parents and much more appreciative of each other. This is a team effort and we are all in this together.  As a parent - you need to take care of yourself and the other adults in your house. This is a new level of stress for everyone, but you need a break too!  Self care is new term that has a real life meaning for us all.  


Wednesday: Teacher workday and planning time to wrap up next step details. On Wednesday afternoon you will receive an email with DETAILED instructions of what to do for pickup. Remember that not everyone will need to come to campus. The middle academy and high school will be mostly online and no pickup will be needed. 


Thursday: Material and Device pickup (complete the request form for device) - The pickup time will be from 9:00 to noon. 


Friday: Orientation Day - many teachers and classes will be reaching out to students to kick off eLearning.


Monday: First Day - Kick-off eLearning School-wide


Your child's teacher is now the best point of contact for the day to day workings for your child's eLearning. The TEAMS will be in contact with you about processes and procedures for their classes. 


We ALL got this!