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CoronaED Material Pickup Letter April 1, 2020

Parents and Families

Our “temporary new normal” really puts life in a new perspective.  We have made it to our next milestone in our transition to eLearning.  Our teachers have been putting in the work to make this transition happen.  As you pick up a packet or start seeing communication from your child’s teachers, you may(will) feel overwhelmed and stressed.  This new “elephant” will look huge.  We all need to realize the best way to eat the elephant is one bite at a time.  What you are receiving is multiple weeks of work.  Please keep that in mind.  


  1. Self-Care
  2. Family 
  3. Educational work

We all will need to find the right balance and expectations.  The teachers will work with your family. 

We all need to practice grace.  We understand the struggles of families and we hope you understand that teachers need that same grace.  The teachers would much rather have students face to face.  Our teachers thrive on relationships and interactions with your children.  Remember that teaching is their life and their love has been taken away!  Our “CoronaED” plan is only a supplement for what they can truly accomplish in class.  As we have said, everyone will feel stress and frustration as we kick this off.  We all need to remember that this is a fluid situation, the process and procedures will change as needs are truly understood. 

Before you run and jump off the ledge – just take a deep breath and relax.  Set a plan and start eating the “elephant” bite by bite.  Please be in contact with your teachers and they will work with you.  Please allow all of us to get into a routine and workflow.  If you have a question, please ask the teacher.  The teacher will be the go-to in all situations.  Our work expectations are different for a kinder and a high schooler.  

All teachers and/or teams will be in contact about expectations, assignments, supports, and resources.  Please refrain from comparing teacher work or comparisons between grade levels.  The teams have worked to design educational opportunities that meet the needs of their students.  We got this!

Pick Up Instructions: 

Ground Rules:

  • If you are sick or have symptoms – DO NOT COME TO CAMPUS
  • DO NOT EXIT your car/staff will assist you – this is for social distancing/safety of staff!
  • Please follow all directions 
  • Be patient and do not all come at 9:00 or noon – stagger yourself!
  • You will have to wait 
  • Thank the staff member that helps you

Device Pickup:  April 2, 2020

 Location:        High School side porch (Staff parking area) 

Time:              9:00 – noon 

Who:               Only students/families who have used the device request form?

Device Pickup Protocol:  Arrive on campus via Industrial Drive and turn into the HS parking lot.  A staff member will greet you.  Tell them the name of the parent that requested the device.  They will then direct you to the pick-up area.  A staff member will hand you your device.  If you have an issue, the staff may ask you to pull into a parking spot and they will assist you.  DO NOT EXIT your car.  Exit the pick-up area.

High School Pickup:  April 2, 2020

Location: In front of High School in carline (look for the table on the sidewalk at front entrance) 

Time: 9:00 – noon 

Who:Only students that have been contacted by a teacher - This is a very limited number of students.  If you have not been contacted by a high school teacher, then you do not have a packet of materials to pick up. No need to come to campus 

High School Material Pickup Protocol:  Arrive on campus via Cemetery Road and enter the high school carpool line.  Drive to the table located at the front of the high school, and tell the staff member who you are picking materials up for.  DO NOT EXIT your car.  Exit the pick-up area.

Middle Academy Pickup:  April 2, 2020

Location: None 

Time:  NA 

Who:   All Middle Academy students have indicated they have online access and no packet pickup is required.  Special cases have been addressed by the teachers and directions for materials have been shared with the individual. 

Middle Academy Material Pickup Protocol:  NONE


Elementary Material Pickup:  April 2, 2020

Location:        Elementary Carpool Line (Fish to Elephant Stations) 

Time:              9:00 – noon 

Who:               See grade level information below

Kinder:           All kindergarteners do have a packet.  The packet is specific to your child.  The packet is also online. 

First Grade:  Packets are online.  Printed copies were made for the students that requested a printed packet.  Do not need to come to campus if do not request a printed packet.

Second Grade:  Packet has been copied for all students.  

Third Grade: Packet has been copied for all students.

Fourth Grade:  Packets are online.  Printed copies were made for the students that requested a printed packet.  Do not need to come to campus if do not need a printed packet.

EC / Special Needs: 

Ferrell / Hinton:  Buckets made for pickup  Brownson / Purvis / Harwood/Perry:  Packets made for pickup

Speech Packets:

Van Hunt:  Folder prepared for pickup


Online – copies are available if you need – sent via DoJo


Johnson/Rhodes – specific packets for each student have been prepared

Elementary School Material Pickup Protocol:  Arrive on campus via Cemetery Road just like carpool.  A staff member will be at the ROCK and you will tell them the child's name and grade.  Tell them if you have a pickup for Ferrell, Brownson, Van Hunt or Johnson/Rhodes or need a copy of the specials choice grid.  Proceed to the next checkpoint. You will wait and then be waved up to the pickup area.  You will receive your materials and then exit the campus.  You will be asked child name and grade again so materials can be double-checked. DO NOT EXIT your car at any time.  Exit campus!

We truly do understand the stress that families are under.  The materials provided are only a beginning that will allow teachers to gauge the amount of work and what needs to be adjusted.  Parents we know that you are not teachers, and this may feel daunting.  All we can ask is that you do your best to work with your child and the teachers.  We are not focused on the quantity of work.  We are providing materials to focus on growth.

The following is a post that was shared with me from Facebook by another school.  I hope we can all live up to this challenge:

Dear Parents,  As we move closer to embarking on what is being called “remote learning”, I am reminding everyone to please refrain from publicly scrutinizing our children’s teachers for the way they are teaching or the lessons they are assigning. We are all about to navigate unchartered waters with little to no preparation. Please refrain from comparing what one teacher is doing to what another teacher is doing, or what one district is doing to what another district is doing. Everyone will be trying their best during this time of uncertainty. Many teachers are offering up help to any student or parent at any time to help make this a successful learning environment. Please be patient, please be kind! 

Please refrain from Facebook posts unless they are positive and encouraging.  We are all in this together.

                                                                        Posted March 17, 2020

Thank you in advance for all that you are doing and will be doing for your family.  Family is first!  Take a break when needed and the adult needs time as much as the student!

With care!

Stephen Gay Superintendent