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Friday Afternoon Thoughts: 3/3/2020

The faculty and staff of East Wake Academy want to thank our families and students for picking up packets and devices on Thursday.  The staff has been doing an amazing job putting together learning opportunities. Hopefully, you have been in contact with your teachers via Zoom, Google Hangout or email!  We officially kick off on Monday, April 6.

We have been getting some really good feedback about Zoom and Hangout meetings.  The biggest take away is that kids are loving connecting with their classmates. We have also heard there have been a few technical issues with Chromebooks.  Our Tech Team is addressing the issues and pushing out corrections.  These are the hurdles we can iron out upfront.  We have also worked with our Messaging company to address some connection issues.  A fix has been introduced and should be in place this weekend.

Please remember that your first line of support is your teacher.  Please reach out to them with questions and concerns. Also remember, you are not in this alone!  Your teacher is there to help provide support.  

Please download the school APP.  We will post news and other information there for easy access.  The APP and website are integrated.  

NOW – it is 5:00 on Friday.  It is time for you and your family to turn school off for the weekend.  Spend some time together or take that needed break from each other.  Take a time to relax, recharge and refuel.  

We will see you Monday!