Week of April 13, 2020

We hope that everyone was able to turn school off for the long weekend. We also hope everyone is ok after the storms came through last night and this morning.  COVID 19 is impacting all of our families in many ways. A lot is coming at us right now, but we will get through this together.  

We had a great first week of distance learning.  We need to shout out to our parents and families that have jumped in and supported all of our kids!  The teachers have done a fabulous job getting materials ready.  They love connecting with their students.  Trust us, our teachers would rather have your students at school!  We all have learned new things through the first part of our journey. Let’s keep it going!

We will start the second week of online tomorrow.  It is very important that your child connects with the teacher and that we all stay engaged.  You also need to be in contact with the teacher and provide them with feedback so they will know how to make adjustments to their lesson planning.  

As our social distancing and isolation continue, we know that we will all need more supports for social-emotional learning, stress relief, and family support.  Our school’s Student Support Team is in place to help and support your family.  Please reach out if you need something extra or just an outlet.  

Elementary:  Erin Cracchiolo  ecracchiolo@eastwakeacademy.org

Middle Academy: Meredith Newman mnewman@eastwakeacademy.org

High School: Sarah Naftel snaftel@eastwakeacademy.org

Celebrate:  We hope you saw our teachers on Twitter, Facebook and our APP reaching out and saying they missed our students.  We then reached out to celebrate our Seniors and we still need your photos to post for our Senior Class of 2020!

We need your help to Celebrate Our Local Superheroes!

This week we would like to show our appreciation of all the SUPERHEROES in our EWA community!  If you are an essential worker or know of one connected to our EWA family or in our local community- PLEASE tag them and let us know!  We would LOVE to see a picture of them in uniform or at work.  We truly appreciate all of those on the frontlines as we all work together to get through the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you follow us on Facebook, please comment on this post and give a SHOUTOUT to all the Superheroes in our community-feel free to mention them by name!  If you follow us on twitter please tweet @eastwakeacademy and show us pics of your local Superhero.  #weB4meEWA #weareallinthistogether