Week of April 20, 2020

Wow – our new "temporary" normal is a harsh reality for us all.  But we are making it!  In talking to teachers, the highlight of their week is connecting with your children.  They energize them, and that is what they need as teachers!  The teachers are also amazed by the support the parents are providing the students.  Your help is not going unnoticed or unappreciated.  We all know that many of you are balancing a lot, and your plate is full.  

We talk with the teachers about "Less is More," grace, empathy, and listening to the needs of our families. We know that what started two weeks ago will change and evolve, and you as a parent are crucial to helping teachers plan and design their lessons.  As the routines become more regular in CoronaED, we still need to listen to each other.  

You are seeing platforms becoming more stable.  We are using Google Classroom in grades 2 – 12, SeeSaw in grade 1, and Dojo Portfolio in K.  Each of these is being adapted to meet the developmental needs of each grade level.  Within these platforms, teachers are working to simplify communication, assignments, and feedback loop.  Our teachers have done a fantastic job converting to and adapting to the needs of eLearning.  

We all are embracing this opportunity to do things differently.  Each of us is adding to our teacher toolbox.  Teachers also realizing how impactful the relationships we built with your children are as a crucial factor in the success they see now.  We all would rather be in our classrooms with your children than online!

We look forward to that day – hopefully, sooner than later!

NCDPI / State Board of Education / NC Legislature: There are still more unknowns than knowns in the world of education.  NCDPI and the State Board have asked the Legislature for several waivers for testing and other aspects of accountability during this crisis.  The primary one that impacts kids the most – TESTING.  The Federal Government, NCDPI, and the State Board have recommended NO EOG or EOC testing this year.  A draft bill is set for the Legislature to do just that.  We are 99.99% positive; the bill will pass.  So, celebrate - NO END OF THE YEAR TESTING!

Student Support Team: As our time apart lengthens and family stressors increase, we need to remember that the school does have supports in place for you and your family.  Our student support team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to support kids.  Please see the resources and contact information they have in place. 

The Student Support Team has finalized our website and created our first newsletter

NCDPI and NCDHHS 877-877 Meal Locator Texting Resource for Parents

To help increase awareness of local meal distribution sites serving children across North Carolina, we invite you to please help promote the "text FOODNC to 877-877" texting service in both English and Spanish. For the Spanish-language version, users text COMIDA to 877-877.

We are asking community stakeholders to help spread the word about this resource for families, especially those families who may be struggling to feed their children in these unprecedented times.

Families who need help finding meals for their children ages 18 and younger can text FOODNC to 877-877 to locate nearby free meal sites. The texting service is also available in Spanish by texting COMIDA to 877-877. 

After entering their address, families will receive a text with the location and serving times for nearby pick-up and drive-thru meal sites while schools are closed. Sites have been set up across the state with school and community partners.