Middle Academy News 5/8/2020

Middle Academy Announcements 5-8-2020   




Thank you to all of you who have continued to work to support our school and teachers in the time of CoronaEd. Teachers are working hard each day to provide information, videos, activities to be sure students master content for the year. It is vital that your child continues to do the work to minimize any gaps. Now is the time for them to work at their pace to give their best in the work that is provided. All staff are operating in flexibility and grace as work is completed. If your child is having difficulty, please reach out to their teachers as they are here to help. 


Please note that the school is your official source of information on school work and expectations of our staff and administration.  No class placements have or ever will be decided or based on CoronaEd work. All decisions will be based on work completed prior to March 13th. However, to be sure your child is ready and prepared for the next year they should continue to be studious and complete work. It will impact them now and in the future. We are resilient! We persevere! We are integral! We continue to do that which is right! We are in this together! Join us as we support our staff and our students through this temporary disruption. We are in this together!!


Spring Sports: Our coaching staff will be setting up uniform drop off stations on Wednesday, May 13th from 10-2 and Thursday, May 14th from 2-6.  The stations will be set up in the k-8 carpool line in front of the gym.  A coach will assist you directly from your car. Please do not exit your vehicle. 

During these time slots we will be accomplishing the following:

  1. Drop off spring uniforms (Please have all uniforms washed and ready)

  2. Pass out pictures

  3. Pass out online apparel orders

  4. ALL senior athletes pick up their banners

  • Student Support Team: As our time apart lengthens and family stressors increase, we need to remember that the school does have supports in place for you and your family.  Our student support team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to support kids.  Please see the resources and contact information they have in place.  

  • The Student Support Team has finalized our website and created our first newsletter

  • May 8: Flex Day - your teachers will decide the best use of this day (planning and/or make up day for student work) – your teachers will reach out with more information. 

  • Student Support Team Newsletter:  https://www.smore.com/zbfpx

Please remember that our Student Support Team is in place to help provide care and support during this time. They have information about resources and can support your child's/families SEL. 

  • Teacher Appreciation Week: We have a unique opportunity to celebrate teachers during the week of May 4 – May 8. Please be on the lookout for more information this week. We all know essential teachers are, and they have been doing great work for our students and families! 

  • Spring Pictures:  If you ordered Spring Pictures, Strawbridge is processing orders and will fill them once they ramp up production again. This may be a few more weeks. 

  • Yearbook: We will be working on a way to distribute yearbooks and give you more details soon.