Message from the Superintendent 4/11/2021

Week of April 11, 2021

Welcome Back! It will be great to have students back on campus starting April 12. We hope everyone has been practicing the 3 W’s! The weather has been great, and the POLLEN has been monumental! Last week, we saw a yellow haze hanging over Raleigh. We are ready for the 4th quarter and look to finishing the year strong.  

Our plan at this point is to open the 2021-22 school year in July, 100% face to face. Our families and staff have done a remarkable job during this unprecedented school year. The work of all has not gone unnoticed. We have made so much progress in reference to COVID; we need to continue our fight and do what is right. Each family should have received updated HOUSE return information from your HOUSE admins.  

If your child is showing any symptoms of COVID, please stay home and let us know. We will continue daily screenings; why? We have 60 to 70% of our students that are siblings. We need to limit cross-contamination between HOUSES and classes. We ask every member of the EWA family to do their part.

Let’s make this a great end of the year!

See attached:

COVID Carpool Reminder

EWA Health Screening Qtr4 Final