Week of September 19, 2021

We are headed into week 9 of the school year and the end of the first quarter.  It has indeed been a fantastic return to school.  We are all having to navigate our new "normal" and our continued fight with COVID.  We are not going to let COVID beat us.

Our staff is excited, stretched, exhausted, and in need of a break.  We can insert student or parent in place of the word staff.  We all deserve the break.  Until next Friday, we do need to finish strong.  If you have a question or concern – ask the teacher!  Please check your child's grades. We also need to continue to look out for each other and stay at home if your student has any symptoms.  The only way we will beat this is if we work together. 

 Thank a Teacher!

Why wait until May to celebrate our AMAZING teachers? We are going to celebrate them all year long, and we need your help! If you are interested in making a donation to the Teacher Appreciation Fund- please log onto our website and go to the GIVING tab (PayPal) or log into your My SchoolBucks account and click the Teacher Appreciation icon to make your donation. We will use these donations to help surprise the staff with breakfast, desserts, and other fun treats all year long! Thank you to those that have already made donations. Together we can show them how much our administration, families, and our community value them! #RowtheBoatEWA #thankateacher

GIVING Tab:  Teacher Appreciation Donation

My SchoolBucks:  https://www.myschoolbucks.com/ver2/getmain.action?clientKey=&requestAction=home

Mark your calendar:  Picture Days (more detailed information to come)

Wednesday, September 22 - K-11 Uniform Yearbook Pictures - all students photographed. 

September 27 – October 11 – Fall Track out

Tik Tok – We hate even to have to address Tik Tok at all!  But there is a Tik Tok Challenge that encourages students to trash/vandalize the bathroom at school (this is occurring nationally). Unfortunately, we have seen this happening on campus.  This is unacceptable!  Please talk with your student about respecting their school.  They have to realize that vandalism costs money and time that could go towards other more valuable activities. 

COVID Dashboard:  We post a daily DASHBOARD on FB, website, and Twitter. We are now providing a dashboard for each HOUSE (K-4, 5-8, and 9-12). Our five-county service area has returned to the "HIGH RISK" category for community transmission of COVID 19.  Our current mask mandate has helped the school combat the spread and reduce the number of students facing quarantine.

Face Coverings:  Our Board extended the REQUIREMENT for face masks.  All students, staff, and visitors are REQUIRED to wear a face mask.  The mask must cover both your mouth and nose.