Message from the Superintendent

Week of October 11, 2021

We are so excited about students and families returning to campus tomorrow.  We had a great first quarter and look forward to another great one ahead.  We all needed to track out, and we hope that each of you enjoyed the time away.  As we transition back into school, please remember:

1.     Talk about expectations with your child.  Encourage them to work hard and to do their best.

2.     Talk to them about getting along with their peers, and if an issue does come up, talk to an adult.

3.     We are still under all COVID protocols.  If your child has any symptoms, they need to stay home!  We need to support each other so we can all stay in school.

4.     Be kind to each other and the adults in school.  We are all here for the same reason – your child!

Tik Tok – The newest challenge on Tik Tok is to slap a staff member/teacher.  That is not a good idea, and if it happens – we will be involving ZPD.  Unfortunately, social media has a significant impact on society today.  Please have a common-sense conversation with your child about making the right decision.

Board Meeting – The October Board meeting is on ZOOM, and a link will be shared via our website.  The meeting is on October 12, 2021, at 7:30.

Face Coverings:  Our Board extended the REQUIREMENT for face masks.  All students, staff, and visitors are REQUIRED to wear a face mask.  The mask must cover both your mouth and nose. 

On the Horizon (Things to be on the lookout for/upcoming activities)

1.     Lockdown / Stay in Place Drill – as you have seen in the news, many schools have seen an increase in threats of violence. These have been through social media.  In the next ten days, each HOUSE will participate in a lockdown/stay in place drill.  The HOUSE admin will follow up with families after the drill has been completed.

2.     COVID Testing – EWA has partnered with NCDPI/NCDHHS and Mako to offer onsite COVID testing.  We are currently working with MAKO (vendor) to get all aspects of the program up and running.  We will provide more information in the coming weeks.

3.     Say Something App – Before track out, several middle and high school classes revisited the Say Something App.  NCDPI and the Sandy Hook Project provide this APP.  The Say Something App gives students a safe place to provide information on campus things they see or hear.  It is also a safe place for an individual student to reach out for help.  This very powerful app is for grades 5 -12, and you will be hearing more updates over the next few weeks.

4.     Carpool – be patient and remember your arrival times!  It will take a few days to get back into the swing again!

5.     Shop with a COP – Our annual partnership with ZPD will happen in November. So start saving your change to donate to help ZPD provide Christmas for needed families in our community.

6.     Attendance – If your child is healthy – they need to be in school!  Attendance every day is huge!

Afternoon Carpool: Zeb PD has reached out and would like to remind us of a few things with afternoon carpool

1.     We need to remember that we need to be good neighbors to the local businesses.  We CAN NOT park in their parking lots! 2.     DO NOT arrive in Industrial Drive before 3:25. This includes the few that come and "hide" in the area near Nomaco.  When carpool starts, and you try to turn right into the high school parking lot, you keep the traffic from exiting the carpool line! 3.     Graveyard – do not park in the cemetery at any time.  We need to be respectful families and visitors to the cemetery. 4.     Cemetery Road – we cannot park on Cemetery Rd.  We do have some cars that arrive up to 1.5 hours before dismissal.  ZPD is asking that we keep the road clear.  Carpool can enter campus at 2:55. 5.     If Industrial Dr or Cemetery Rd are backed up to Hwy 97 – please drive around and do not black traffic on Hwy 97.  This usually occurs before the start of carpool.  So please adjust your arrival times. 6.     ZPD, EWA, Nomaco have a partnership that provides a ZPD officer to help direct traffic heading into the HS carline. Nomaco has also adjusted its shift change to help reduce the traffic.  Please do not argue with the office.  Smile and just do what is asked! 

Thank a Teacher!

Why wait until May to celebrate our AMAZING teachers? We are going to celebrate them all year long, and we need your help! If you are interested in donating to the Teacher Appreciation Fund- please log onto our website and go to the GIVING tab (PayPal) or log into your My SchoolBucks account and click the Teacher Appreciation icon to make your donation. We will use these donations to help surprise the staff with breakfast, desserts, and other fun treats all year long! Thank you to those that have already made donations. Together we can show them how much our administration, families, and our community value them! #RowtheBoatEWA #thankateacher

GIVING Tab:  Teacher Appreciation Donation

My SchoolBucks:

COVID Dashboard (Will return October 12): We post a daily DASHBOARD on FB, website, and Twitter. We are now providing a dashboard for each HOUSE (K-4, 5-8, and 9-12). Our five-county service area has returned to the "HIGH RISK" category for community transmission of COVID 19.  Our current mask mandate has helped the school combat the spread and reduce the number of students facing quarantine.